More Tips & Tricks
Terminal Weather
  • open a terminal and enter

gksu pluma /usr/share/applications/weather.desktop

  • change

to something appropriate based on the manual

  • save changes, panel icon may not take effect until restart or readd.
Lock Screen edit time. You can also lock screen by placing cursor in top right corner.
  • open a terminal and enter

gksu pluma /usr/local/bin/locker

  • change the 15 after -time to whatever you want
  • save changes and restart.
Easy Gmail/Seamonkey
HomePage Configuration
Power Management
Language Support Trouble?
Customizing an LXDE desktop interface.
Setting the clock
  • Pick your layout
  • Right click the time in the panel (task bar)
  • Click Digital Clock Settings
  • Enter code from webpage in Clock Format box
  • Click Close
How to stop processes from starting at startup.
  • Go to menu > Preferences > Desktop Session Settings or Default applications for LXSession
  • Uncheck which ever one you don't want to run at startup.
  • Click OK
  • If you want to renable just repeat but check instead of uncheck.
Custom Radio Stations in Guaydeque
  • Click Radio Tab
  • Click User Defined 'Globe'
  • Either right click on 'Globe' or in right side window.
  • Select 'Add Radio'
  • Enter required info.
  • Then Click Ok.
  • Click on globe again to refresh.
  • ctrl z = quick launch
  • ctrl x = terminal
  • super ` = expose
  • alt tab = app switcher
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