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Help & support search for Ubuntu based Linux distributions using a custom DuckDuckGo search engine.


Help & support search for Ubuntu based Linux distributions using a custom Google search engine.


By default LXLE utilizes DuckDuckGo, we believe in the search engines principles, capabilities and their many opensource initiatives and support. However we realize that some users prefer searching with Google, so we designed a custom Google search for our LXLE startpage for those individuals.

Our custom Google search engine does much more than just provide a gateway to Google, it borrows some ideas from DuckDuckGo's awesome search engine like omiting known content mills while emphazing results from crowd sourced sites and their sources, bearing excellent returns.

Personally we use DuckDuckGo almost exclusively but we thought it might be cool to create a custom Google search and let users submit their own search parameters. (known content mills, excellent source sites, etc)

Everyone can post any such site on this thread in our forums and we will test them out and get them implemented to make our custom Google search better.

DDG Regions

This page was created primarily for LXLE users that want to get the most out of the DuckDuckGo search engine. However these search plugins can be utilized by anyone, on any system using Firefox, Chrome, Chromium or Internet Explorer and probably other web browsers.

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