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LXLE manages its own support forums which is built using the opensource Vanilla forums platform. Current LXLE users can find help, provide support to others and contribute to development.

Currently the forums has a handful of moderators, many users, numerous features and useful information. The forums can be found on the LXLE homepage under the support tab. View

Forum Subscriptions

In addition to being notified of replies to your own posts. You can now subscribe to certain categories of the forum (receive e-mail notification when a new discussion is posted) and it auto-bookmarks newly created discussions so that you will receive an e-mail notification each time a new comment is added to a discussion.

You can change your subscription settings by visiting your profile page and then choosing EMail subscription in the side panel.

This should make it easier for anyone to help others usings LXLE without visiting the forums and or checking all the time. This just shoots you an email, and if you can answer and have time, great.

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